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Scotland Yard goes after a gang that drowns its victims for their insurance money.
"Der Gorilla von Soho" is very similar to the earlier "Die toten Augen von London" by the same producer and director, yet not half as good. A killer in a gorilla costume sneaks through the streets of London, because nobody notices a 6 ft gorilla in a big city, therefore it seems the perfect disguise… ANYWAY, very rich people are drowned after they made the mistake of writing a testament that donates all their money to the so-called welfare organization of Mr.Parker. The police assumes this is not a coincidence and starts investigating against Mr.Parker, but proof is hard to find. "Der Gorilla von Soho" has a lot of action scenes and at least isn't boring, but involuntarily funny. It has not much suspense and tries some cheap jokes and sleazy nudity instead. In the cast, Albert Lieven is an excellent villain, young Uwe Friedrichsen is overacting a bit as the enthusiastic, but inexperienced police sergeant, while Herbert Fux in his only appearance in the Wallace series plays a gangster perfectly well.
"Der Gorilla von Soho" or "Gorilla Gang" or "Ape Creature" is a German color movie from 1968, so this one will soon have its 50th anniversary. It is another entry from the Edgar Wallace series that was made back then, especially by Alfred Vohrer and he is the director here once again. The film is one of these rare movies from the franchise that make it actually until the 90-minute mark. The lead actor here is Horst Tappert ("Derrick") and I must say he was one of the main reason why I did not like this film here. Another one would be the antagonists. The gorilla is pretty ridiculous and not in a good way. They did better with the animal characters in other films. And the real main antagonist (who we do not find out until the very end) is truly forgettable and bland. This film needed improvement in many areas I think and even the usual themes from these Edgar Wallace like the comedy and the several plot twists could not save this film. Still I must say I was a bit shocked about the very ending. Was that really a joke on male genitals? I am not sure. But it does not matter anyway as everything before that is certainly not worth sitting through. Watch something else instead.

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