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The team searches for a way to stop an apocalyptic preacher and his apostles from ending the world.
Apparently the first team to work on the Real Adventures of Jonny Quest were hit and miss at best and this one lands squarely in the miss column. <br/><br/>The character design and animation, for not only the cast but the episode specific characters as well, is super weak. Looks like Captain Planet. <br/><br/>During the episode Race Bannon is flown to Moscow, Russia (they state this to make sure you know they did not mean Moscow, Idaho), in a SR-71 Black Bird or some other similar style low occupancy stealth plane. He is the only one seen boarding the plane. But then when he gets to the building in Moscow where he is meeting his contact, the 2 US officials who convince him to go from Cape Canaveral are now on the streets of Moscow in the same car. If they have this magical car, why did they need to spend the jet fuel to fly Race? Or is it just weak production?<br/><br/>The writing and dialog are also weak.<br/><br/>This episode is the 2nd appearance of recurring villain Ezekiel Rage. Though the first appearance S1Ep9: Ezekiel Rage aired later. Also features Jonny Quest, Hadji, Dr Benton Quest, Race Bannon, Jessie Bannon. Bandit is not in this episode.

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