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In 1885, super Agent James West and Artemus Gordon have been in retirement for years. But villain extraordinare Miguelito Loveless, Jr. has somehow replaced the crowned heads of England, Spain, and Russia with exact duplicates under his control, and President Cleveland could well be next. Pressed back into service, and once again aboard their special private train, West and Gordon set out to stop Miguelito from taking over the world. It won't be easy, for it seems he's managed to develop the atomic bomb, around sixty years ahead of its time.
In 1885, after years of retirement, West is called in from his Mexican home, and Gordon is taken off the road as a Shakespearian actor to track down and arrest Dr. Michelito Loveless, Jr. The evil son of their most famous opponent has kidnapped the heads of state of countries from around the world and replaced them with deplicates under his control. West and Gordon must stop him before President Cleveland is replaced, but the job won't be easy as the mad scientist has at his disposal a wide assortment of advanced weapons, ranging from robots to atomic bombs.
James West (Robert Conrad) and Artemus Gordon (Ross Martin) are brought out of retirement in this engaging, if very campy, TV reunion movie from 1979. West and Gordon battle Miguelito Loveless, Jr. (Paul Williams), who has imprisoned several European heads of state in a dungeon and replaced them with doubles. Loveless also has a nuclear bomb with which he&#39;s menacing the world. In an ending reminiscent of the old series, West and Gordon manage to foil Loveless and escape in a most improbable manner.<br/><br/>Fans of the original series will notice a few differences. First, West uses very few of his famous Secret Service gimmicks such as the pistol up his sleeve and the explosives hidden in his boot heel. Second, the dialog and acting are comedic and very broad, almost to the point of ridiculing the characters. Some of the situations presented are pretty ridiculous.<br/><br/>Familiar faces such as Skip Homeier and Harry Morgan appear as Secret Service agents, and the familiar train is of course present. The beautiful Old Tucson filming locations are a big plus as well. Conrad and Martin are good, but the film suffers from its campy approach. It&#39;s still enjoyable to see the old duo back in action after 10 years, so if you liked the original series, you&#39;ll like this TV movie.
This made-for-television movie was my first real taste of &#39;The Wild Wild West&#39;. It was shown in a peak-time slot one Saturday night on B.B.C.-1 in 1987. I enjoyed it then, but having seen the original series like it a lot less. It is now 1885, and both Jim West ( Robert Conrad ) and Artemus Gordon ( Ross Martin ) are no longer on active duty in the U.S. secret service, the former lives in Mexico, the latter is part of a travelling troupe of performers. Robert T. &#39;Skinny&#39; Malone ( Henry Morgan a.k.a. &#39;Colonel Potter&#39; of &#39;M#A#S#H&#39; ), the new head of intelligence, brings them together for a perilous assignment - the son of the late Dr.Migelito Loveless ( Paul Williams ) has kidnapped the President of the U.S.A, Queen Victoria of England, the Tzar of Russia and the King of Spain and has replaced them with perfect doubles. The mad genius has also developed two super-humans he wittily calls &#39;Six Hundred Dollar People&#39; as well as a prototype atomic bomb. West and Gordon&#39;s problems are further compounded by continual interference from other country&#39;s agents.<br/><br/>The director was Burt Kennedy, whose speciality was comedy Westerns such as &#39;Support Your Local Sheriff&#39; and &#39;Support Your Local Gunfighter&#39; ( both starring James Garner ). Unsurprisingly, much of &#39;Revisited&#39; has a jokey feel rather at odds with the more subtle humour of the series. At times it threatens to turn into another &#39;Blazing Saddles&#39;. Conrad and Martin were thankfully young enough to play their roles without looking too ancient, but even so West&#39;s fights are nowhere near as thrilling as before. And where are his famous gadgets? He gets out of a dungeon with the aid of a lock pick! How disappointing. In the old days West would probably have blown the door off with a tiny bomb produced from his sleeve. As &#39;Loveless&#39;, the cherubic Williams is far more menacing than Kenneth Branagh in the 1999 movie.<br/><br/>Jim and Arte re-teamed a year later for &#39;More Wild Wild West&#39; which featured Jonathan Winters as an invisible villain. It was not much better than &#39;Revisited&#39;, and alas proved to be their swan-song.

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